The M-Haüs I Elite


M-Haüs I™  versatility and flexibility has been demonstrated in the following venues:

The M-Haüs I™  unit key features are:

Mobility – able to easily move through manufacturing and productions environments

Video – allows the user, operator, and remote user to view and interact with each.*

Audit – users can interact using bluetooth devices, usb microphones, and other standard audio peripherals. **

WIFI connectivity, connection to cell phone services and other VOIP systems. ***

Can be used in conjunction with other meeting platforms, MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, WebEx, etc. ***

Durability – these units have been test and UL listed for safety.

270 degree wrap- around handle

one-touch independent height adjustment for monitor

ergonomic push handles

auto-leveling keyboard with negative/positive tilt

one-touch height adjustment for work-surface

on-demand steer-assist technology rubberized footrests

open architecture at wheel base



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